Why did I teach myself to Procrastinate?

We all know as college students that procrastination comes at one point or another, and is something we all are guilty of. Even one-fifth of adults procrastinate as well. Whether is because of an urge to watch every next episode of your favorite show or getting ready for a party or reading 8 Modules about some history class to write a paper about it. Procrastination is something that happens even to the best of us, but have you wonder why we do it, if so bad for our time management? Here are some ways you can stop procrastination.

1. Self-compassion is not a thing to you

Individuals who demonstrate less self-compassion tend to feel more stressed during each task, likely to increase procrastination. Sometimes what I try to do is talk to myself with kindness and even appreciate and accept that I am a human that makes mistakes, this way you are self-coaching you to a better self.

2. You see other people and don’t feel bad about it

You see your favorite TV artist on their reality show using their phones and living their lives without doing anything. You see how your friends go out and never worry about their homework, well this specific “role models” demonstrate those actions and you unconsciously mimic them, that is why trying to look for active and positive behavioral role models who take action a spread positive results are your best examples.

3. You think you’ll fail

Maybe you can feel not motivated towards a specific task and that is why you take a lot of time to start. Instead of thinking how bad it will turn out, think about how you can improve this type of skill for this specific task. Maybe try to adopt a new mindset as “I can learn as I go” or maybe “This isn’t bigger than me”. This is a great way to let you start rather than stopping yourself with unproven predictions.

4. You compare yourself to others

Sometimes you see your friends struggling with a certain type of task and you automatically assume you’ll be bad in that same task. Instead of thinking you’ll fail, try doing the task and challenge yourself to open your mind and prove that you can do more than others. Succeed in the task and you will feel rewarded.

5. Time is not your friend

Probably you always underestimate the time a task is going to take you for its completion, and you also underestimate how quickly you’ll get it done. Planning is a great habit for succeeding in your tasks, starting earlier can help you finish earlier this can help compensate your time and use it for other tasks giving yourself a reward for finishing early in time.

6. You want to predict the future

Whenever you have a task you usually create a movie in your head and imagine how your homework won’t be as good as you thought and then start getting frustrated. Sounds familiar? Well, try to remind yourself about the achievements of the future, instead of just emphasizing on the frustration of the present. This way it will help you to live in the present instead of worrying about the future.

Even if you’re the most disciplined person, or pretty relaxed when you talk about your tasks, you can become a procrastinator anytime, the temptations are everywhere. I mean, people want to live their lives like go out on a date or go clubbing or maybe watch a whole new season on Netflix. But just remember to have this little tips whenever you feel like procrastinating. Also, for me to deal with procrastination starts by admitting to myself that I have a procrastination issue. This can be your start too, so ask yourself, Do you want to want to be a procrastinator?