Open space, open mind.

The birds sing, the sun is shining and we are back at the Swamp. That means classes and busy schedule begins. Studying can be valuable but stressful enough as it is, that is why doing a profound yet simple environmental adjustment, can improve your perspective and actually alter the way our brains work in the great outdoors!

Is time to stand up from your desk and go to campus, the park, or any other natural habitat that gives you the type of inspiration you need to succeed in your classes this semester. Being outside can calm your mind, changing the working habits of your brain in ways that can improve our mental health and learning capacity as we know it.

Clear thinking and stress reliever

Being in nature helps you lower your worries and increases pleasant emotional states. Whenever you breathe you start a process of restoration that keeps your ideas and thinking flowing. Also, this gives you a relaxing feeling of rejuvenation, that keeps your mind and creativity flowing naturally. That is why simple outdoor activities like walking or even engaging with your favorite sport may help you relax and think more clearly.

Learn how to boost your creativity

Writing down your ideas as soon as they pop into your head is a great way to keep ideas coming, it also clears your mind to move onto other ideas, instead of just forgetting them. This is a great way to expand your creativity by giving it a chance to become something successful. Also, another way that you can help with your boost of creativity is by creating interesting lists about things that you consider important, and that way it helps you expand the creative thought process into something bigger.

See what’s surrounding you

Already been studying for long hours and can’t pay attention? Been reading the same line for the past five minutes? Sounds familiar? Well, being outdoors is a great way to let you have small breaks, that way it can increase your ability to pay attention for a longer time, instead of just being in a close dark place, that is why raise your head and look around at what is surrounding you, even if it is a bird chirping or just a guy on a bike, look around that you never know what it may be.

Remember More!

Studying on the exterior can actually provide responses needed to retain that new information better, saying that you will remember more information. After being long hours in the Library, I found myself being more productive in the open around campus than being in a closed environment. I recommend this method even if you don’t have time for a full study session, with just a few minutes this can help you reset your thinking.

I found myself having a more pleasant outdoor study session than an indoor. I think you should try it too. Did you know that nature deprivation is a thing these days, and even rising more every day, because of more sedentary jobs roles being made? That is why going outside is the best way to stop this.

Going outside does not mean disconnecting from the world while you meditate your mind being in an organic environment. Its also giving yourself the opportunity to find a new scene to make your brain cells fire up and see all the study content as a whole new learning opportunity.

Hope to see you around campus!