Food Truck Festival

The Food Truck Rally Fall Kickoff is a great way to help while trying delicious appetizers, main entrees, and desserts. The Florida Diabetes Camp is a non-profit organization that provides camp experiences for juveniles with Type 1 Diabetes. This organization seeks to provide a fun and safe environment for children diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

The Food Truck Rally, which took place in the Beer Garden at High Dive last September 22nd, starting at 5 pm, not just benefits a local charity, but is free of charge to enter. Drinks and seating were available, as well as vegan/vegetarian options, and it’s a fun way to spend your Saturday night while watching the game and eating delicious food.


Afternoon is a very informal and cozy little place, where you can order food at the counter and try their delicious brunch. Without reservations, visits or prior notice, the executive chef, Austin Abott, and his sous chef, Rick Welch, receive you together with his team to prepare incredible dishes for brunch and special dinners.

Located at 231 NW 10th Ave, you can find a menu with different options to choose from, one of the favorites is the classic breakfast that has bacon, eggs, bread and strawberry jam. If you feel a bit more adventurous, I recommend Shakshuka, which is baked tomato sauce, fried eggs seasoned with za’atar and sourdough bread. Any dish you order will be enjoyed with every bite. You can find this place open from Thursday to Tuesday from 9 a.m. at 3 p.m.

Also, the second Friday of each month, next one being on October 12th, they do a dinner series where you can enjoy dinner dishes such as Cedar Key Clams, or Grilled Octopus made by the same local chefs and its team.

Satchel’s Pizza

Satchel’s Pizza is a place you should not miss, opened on March 7, 2003, this place plays with all your senses, from delicious pizzas, calzones and much more to try. The sensation and the eye are captivated by the incredible environment that this place has, whether it is sitting in a van, under a plane or even in a greenhouse. Enjoy and appreciate this place, not only for its incredible food but for its local art, homemade soft drinks, and occasional live music.

Born in Gainesville, studied in Jacksonville and always returning to the place he calls home, Satch, an artist who unified his two passions of pizza and art, brings an incredible experience to all your senses, by acquiring experience as a server for a local Italian restaurant in Gainesville, he felt inspired to open what is now Satchel’s Pizza.

Swamp Restaurant

This well-known national venue has become a staple for the Gainesville community, The Swamp Restaurant, opened its doors on December 30, 1994, after a catastrophic fire in 1993, the professor’s house was renovated and transformed into what it is today.

From hosting hundreds of thousands of UF students, this is a place you’ll want to try as soon as possible. With its serene and beautiful atmosphere in Front Lawn, and its celebrations on tailgate season comes together and joins this incredible place where memories are made and still continue to share many more.

Also, it has a great menu to choose from, the burgers are absolutely amazing and if you feel more adventurous, a drink or a beer would be a good option here.