Accept the changes to continue growing and thus be able to achieve your purpose and potential.

What is that you want to achieve? How can you get better? How can you grow? Creating a habit of your own path can be the best way to start.

Life can be a persistent teacher. We are consumed with regrets, failures, and insecurities. We feel overwhelmed by situations we cannot change and things we wish we could take back. We experience different emotions like heartbreaks, loss and fear, betrayal, jealousy and bad memories. However, change is only constant, the art of learning to let things go and leaving the worries of the past to yesterday can be the best way to view many ways of a change, cope with it, and ultimately accepting it.


Accept your imperfections, change your idea of beauty. Accept your family, friends come and go. Accept your losses, it will change your earnings. Accept your situation, it will change your outlook. Accept your fate, it will take you to the best journey. Accept where you are now, it will lead you to where you want to be. Accept your past choices, and continue to make new ones. Accept those who hurt you, it will change what is surrounding you. Accept your body, is the only one we have. Accept the things you can’t change and change the things you can’t accept. The sooner you start accepting the things you cannot change, the happier you will be. The more you change the things you refuse to accept, the greater person you will become.


If you are feeling comfortable, you’re probably stuck not being amazing. All growth depends on actions. There will be no development physically or intellectually with no effort, and effort means hard work. To grow, you have embrace discomfort. The progress won’t be easy, it will make you feel anxious and scary, but in the end, it will make you become a better person. It forces you to change, stretch, and adapt. When you are challenged, you feel the eager to become more than you currently are. That is why finding a new perspective, acquiring new skills and pushing your boundaries is what will make you succeed in this journey. Adapting is one of the most important skills that you can have for a truly fulfilling life. If you acquire this skills, you can basically master anything. Give yourself permission to think and act beyond the usual. Challenge your mind and most things that feel impossible will come along until they are done.


Everyone wants to be happy, have a healthy life, do meaningful things, enjoy their careers and achieve financial independence. Once you have accepted and grow, all this factor will come your way with success. To achieve great things it usually takes a lot of hard work into the same process. Having in mind where is exactly where you want to be can be the first step into success. Take actions towards your goal, do something every day that will make you achieve your plans. As hard as the process may be or feel, never give up, your success will take time but with hard work and effort, I guaranteed you that you will get to your ultimate goal.

Accept the change, because its presence means that the energy is flowing into your life. However uncomfortable it may be, it lets us know that we are growing. Where there is no change, there is no growth or life. Worry in moments of calm, since the spiritual growth occurs during the challenges.