Self-Care is really important as much as your other tasks, this is why I have tried different things that replenish and refresh myself during the week.

Somedays, it feels like you had done millions of errands, but still, need to do so much other stuff? Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious? it’s no surprise that we tend to put our obligations first and we forget that meeting our own needs it also among our priorities.

By just mentioning the term “self-care”, some people think this as an abstract concept, but being able to acknowledge that this time can actually be part of your daily schedule can create a new concept of your self-care. Did you know, that you have to take good care of yourself first if you want to take good care of others? Even though you are taking good care of others, the best way to keep helping them is by making sure you’re taking care of yourself too.

The best way to implement self-care in your busy schedules is by adding tiny changes to your regular life-habits. To include regularly in your life a little bit of love and attention to yourself can make a great difference in your own body, mind, and soul.

For Your Body

We tend to push our bodies a little bit too much. We eat too much, we feel exhausted after a long day and not probably not getting enough sleep contributes to feeling tired and with no energy. That is why I have tried these three tiny changes that helped me get through the day and be more mindfulness about how I am taking care of my body.

Have a good laugh. Read a couple of articles or call a friend and talk about how you’ve been. This will help release any stress.

Narrow your food choices. Try meal prepping to avoid starving in the middle of the day and fall back into unhealthy habits.

Take three deep breaths. Oxygenate your body and mind by inhaling and exhaling three times.

For Your Mind

Somedays we reach critical points where our mental toughness is challenged. Whether it’s worrying about a dead-end job, making important decisions, or going through your accounts. Our mind works overtime. That is why we have to know when to take a break and let our mind rest.

Scratch it off. That something that has been there for ages and you’ll never do.

Change your route. Changing your normal pathway will mix up the routine to keep your brain healthy.

Get out of your comfort zone. Talk to the stranger next to you, it will make you think of something else. Unplug before bed. Using your device keep your mind active, an hour before sleep dims the lights and prepare your mind for a good sleep.

For Your Soul

Some things like words and energy surrounding you can take away our self-worth. To feel more comfortable and true to ourselves feed your soul and nurture your spirit. Start saying “no”.

Respect your own limit. Avoid overextending yourself.

Take yourself to a date. Spend an hour doing what you enjoy the most.

Write your thoughts. Write and burn to let go that one thing that keeps you bothering.

Self-care is about having the time to treat yourself, this doesn’t have to be in a material way, but instead, something that nourishes your body, mind, and soul this will make you feel better, refreshed and replenished for the road ahead.