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Venezuelan who enjoys food that tantalized her tastebuds. Also enjoying cooking, traveling, photography and constantly getting out of her comfort zone to become the best self she can be.

Grown and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and coming to the United States has been one of the most amazing experiences ever. Eager to become an individual who always seeks for new challenges and new emerging opportunities. Graduating from the University of Florida in December 2019 with a B.A. in Advertising will give me the opportunity to follow my passion for food and advertisement to apply my creative and organized skills towards my dream job as a food critic.

In my four years of experience during college, finding my myself and figuring how I can apply my knowledge of advertising with my passion. I had the opportunity to work an advertising agency called VML located in Chicago as an account executive. Some of my duties included working for Tyson’s account transferring actions and weekly status, also developing and building business documents and research specifically Hillshire Farms and Ballpark business to build knowledge of industry on social media platforms.

After living for 3 months in Chicago, I realized how my passion for food is even bigger and that I had to continue to pursue my dream job of being an editorial food critic. That is how I decided to do reviews for restaurants I go around the world through the Yelp platform. Becoming Yelp Elite for 18’ & 19’ writing reviews in both languages English and Spanish to get people a sense of what an experience could be going to a certain restaurant. 

Also, my passion has come together by being part of a team where food and advertising come together. The Hungry Post, a virtual venue to uncover and discover restaurants for us to recommend. I have had the experience to edit and create social media posts, attend to restaurants food experiences, and create editorial content for their website. 

Food photography has always been an outlet for stress. After seeing my Camera Roll filled with food pictures I decided to founding 2018, @DroolingGoddess, an Instagram page which showcases my passion for food, drink and photography. Eating is one of the best pleasures in life, either if it is a food truck or a fancy restaurant good taste can be made anywhere. I know that with these experiences and learnings it will lead me to my ultimate dream.